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From Prospects to Profits Unleash Proportional CRM Potential

Generate leads, communicate, and make close relations to convert them into satisfied customers with Elate Sales CRM.

Ms. Inga Smolina
Ms. Inga Smolina

Elate CRM transformed the way we manage our entire sales team. It helped us a lot to streamline the lead management, generating reports, customer retention, and to enhance value of sales also. The key module for opportunity and follow-up reminders have increased our productivity. Our sales team is now closing deals faster, and the graph for our annual turnover steeply enhanced with this software. Highly recommended to everyone.

Ms. Inga Smolina

General Manager - Mirka Trade DMCC
Mr. Suresh Nair
Mr. Suresh Nair

Elate CRM helps me to manage financial relationships in a proper way. It integrates seamlessly with our financial system and provides us with a complete view of our client accounts. It helps to track sales team and clients simultaneously and to track the monthly sales turnover, employee expenses, accounts reports etc. Its user friendly interface allows me to ease my accounting process with respect to the increased sales after using this software.

Mr. Suresh Nair

Finance Manager - Sultan Al Olama Medical Center

Its movable

You don't miss out when your customer tries to reach you to make a good deal. Access the online and cloud software wherever and whenever you want to. Elate CRM is scalable as it can grow with your business.

An essential CRM tool to get more customers

A CRM (customer relationship management) tool is an essential part of any business, providing a simple way to track customer interactions and manage relationships with customers. It can help you identify new opportunities, build lasting relationships, increase customer loyalty and, above all, get more customers.


Ultimate features in one dashboard

Elate CRM offers a comprehensive dashboard with advanced features, including centralized customer data management, sales pipeline tracking, reporting, and more.

Customer Dashboard

Go beyond ultimate Services

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Follow up with your warm leads personally to make them the sales-qualified leads and close the deals with satisfaction.



Take the lead's journey to conversion with the activities feature. It may include bounced emails, opened emails, form submissions, etc.



Pitch your customers with proper documents such as sales proposals. Outline the client's problem and plan all the details to solve it.



Define your prospects who have a high probability of becoming your satisfied customer by purchasing a product or service.



Issue the commercial purchase order specifying the products, quantities, and approved prices for the items or services.

Security roles

Security roles

For added security, you can restrict your employees&pos; access based on their role in the organization.


Integrate with Tally Prime and QuickBooks

Integrate Elate Sales CRM to record and store each consumer interaction at every point of contact. Accurate pricing and application decisions become easy. Customers can make payments through secure online portals 24/7. You no longer need to repeat entries like transactions or product items across multiple platforms.

AED 74.17AED 30.00per user / month (billed annually)Save AED 44.17 for 6 months
AED 90.83AED 49.00per user / month (billed annually)Save AED 41.83 for 6 months
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AED 115.83AED 59.00per user / month (billed annually)Save AED 56.83 for 6 months
Tailored for large organizations and businesses, get dedicated support, and scalable solutions to meet your unique needs.

Explore the top features

Dashboard with Cards
Lead Management
Leads Capturing
Leads Qualification
Leads Assigning
Leads Scheduling
Lead Pipeline View
Customer Engagment
Customers Management
Customers Analytical Report
Contact Management
Activity Management
Sales Planning
Sales Forecasting
Team Management
Prospect Planning
User Workflow Management
Opportunity Management
Centralized Opportunity Panel
Open/Close/Re-open Opportunity
Assign Opportunity
Proposal & Sales
Propsoal Approval Individual / Common
Proposal Templates
Revising & Scheduling Proposals
Sales Performance Tracking
Multiple Target Settings
Sales Person Target Report
Sales Person Outstanding Report
Charts & Reports
Customer Report
Lead Report
Customer-wise Product Report
Product-wise Proposal Report
Product-wise Customer Report
Opportunity Report
Proposal Report
Customer-wise Outstanding Report
Sales Person Performance Report
Accounting & Finances
Invoice Requests
Customer Support
Tickets & Scheduling
Completion Report with Customer Signature
QuickBooks Online
Tally Prime

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What does a CRM do?

Customer Relationship Management system is a software that helps you to maintain better relations with your customers and clients, thus enabling you to grow your customer base even faster and also manage your sales executives in an organized manner.

2. What makes a CRM great?

CRM should be able to maximize the sales of the company and increase good co-ordination between the sales executives and support team to ensure that the clients receive the best service and prompt response.

3. How will a CRM help my Sales?

Once you begin to use the CRM, you will have the power to define the sales workflow for the sales executives and organize them to maximize the deal closure rate. You will find it easy to convert your leads to customers

4. Can Elate CRM integrate with Tally and QuickBooks?

Absolutely! Elate CRM seamlessly integrates with both Tally and QuickBooks, enabling smooth data synchronization and facilitating efficient financial management for your business.